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Windows Vista Review

Windows Vista is the successor of Windows XP and the predecessor of the all-time best OS - Windows 7. When the world was happy with the success of Windows XP, Microsoft pushed Vista into the market, but the response wasn’t great, as they would have expected. Vista came into the market with 6 editions to choose from.

  1. Vista Ultimate edition. Which was considered the best of all the editions of Vista.
  2. Vista Enterprise Edition. Which are editions exclusive for SA and EA customers.
  3. Vista Business Edition. One could say an ok version of Vista which can mostly be used for office work.
  4. Vista Home Premium Edition. This one is a good version of Vista suggested for home use.
  5. Vista Basic Edition. This one was a failure, as it doesn’t offer many of the features.
  6. Vista Starter Edition. It’s a basic version for beginners.

Update and Upgrade

Windows Vista came into the market with a lot of promises but failed to deliver, so since the tech was so advanced for that time. One could argue that Windows Vista is a model of Windows 7 and no one would correct you by saying not so. Due to the advancement in technology and features, Windows Vista requires better system requirements. But back then, most of the systems running Windows XP couldn’t make the cut and caused the dip in the market of Vista, contrary to what had been expected. Even though Windows Vista was released in six editions, the system's requirement even for the lowest starter edition was so high that it made most of the people stick to the old Windows XP.

Features of Windows Vista

Even though Windows XP offered basic features an OS needs, like surfing the Internet accessing Microsoft software, Windows Vista was on another dimension in terms of features. We can compare Windows Vista with its successor Windows 7 & as most of the features are shared by both of the OS. One of the most remarkable features of Windows Vista is an improved control of the Internet traffic. For instance, you are an online casino fan. Windows Defender will check the casinos with HTTPS protection and let you in without a problem (have a try with ). At the same time, it will block the casinos without this protocol. 

  1. A new and fresh look
  2. The selling point of Vista is the whole new, fresh look of AERO. This new feature allowed the Vista users to preview by pressing Alt and Tab. Aesthetically, the visual appearance was so advanced compared to the predecessor. This feature was available in 4 editions - Ultimate, Business, Home Premium, and Enterprise.

  3. Upgraded explorer
  4. The aesthetic and visual feel of the explorer was so improved compared to the predecessor. With the new command bar are functional options. The new explorer made the tasks easy for the users.

  5. More secure
  6. There was a huge upgrade in the security section with the introduction of Windows’ own inbuilt defender. The upgrade made the users more secure and safe usage.

  7. No data loss
  8. The new version provides a backup option that allows the data to be stored in the backup drive, preventing loss of data in unfortunate circumstances.

  9. Media Centre 
  10. With the advancement of technology, computers have become a source of entertainment for users. The media center allows you to watch movie-recorded videos and much more all in place. It also provides connectivity with XBOX360.

  11. Different Power modes
  12. This version provides various power modes which weren’t available in the predecessor.

    • Sleep mode
    • Hybrid Sleep mode
    • Away mode
  13. Option to search in desktop

The new features allow the user to search on anything from the desktop. Doesn’t matter what you want to search, let it be some file name or certain setting, even some text name, you can search it in the search option on the desktop and reach what you searched for in seconds.